Supplement Review: bpi 1.M.R.

Taste: 8/10 

The flavor of the sample packet I received was fruit punch. The directions advised mixing 1 scoop(1 packet) with 6-8 oz of water. I mixed with 8 ounces of water but would recommend using 6 ounces instead. I only had one sample packet so I was unable to do this but with 8 ounces of water, the flavor wasn’t really there, it tasted like water down fruit punch. So it really depends on what you are wanting if you are wanting a stronger flavor mix with 6 ounces and vice versa if wanted weaker. Overall the flavor was a good fruit flavor, didn’t notice any chemical taste

Mixability: 10/10

1 packet(1 serving) mixed perfectly in 8oz of water. A couple of shakes and the powder was fully dissolved.

Profile: 5/10

I don’t like proprietary blends, there are no revolutionary ingredients in 1.M.R. and I don’t believe it is necessary to hide behind a proprietary blend, they need to list the amounts. The users want to know exactly what they are putting into there bodies. Hiding the proprietary blend allows them to turn over a higher profit from the consumer and tricking them into thinking they are receiving an effective amount. And I also believe 300mg of caffeine is a little excessive. I believe the “1 scoop is all you need” propaganda only applies to the amount of caffeine 1 serving contains and not to the rest of the ingredients. I was lenient and gave this a 5/10.

Price: 7/10

The sample was free but if one was to purchase the tub it is 224 grams, 28 servings per bottle @ $34.97 in the store. That is a month supply for most, at least I hope for your own sake. The price isn’t a bargain given the profile but it is comparable to other pre-workouts, so it isn’t a complete bust.

Energy: 9/10

1.M.R. is good in the energy/focus department given 300 mg of caffeine and inclusion of 1,3 Dimeth (unknown amount). I’m not tolerant to both so I did experience some jitters. So I would advise anyone who has dosed lesser amounts of caffeine and experienced jitters to look elsewhere unless that is your thing.

Pump (N.O.) 1/10

This is where I felt 1.M.R did absolutely nothing for me. I have used AAKG based products in the past and didn’t experience any pumps as well so this was expected. I believe this user dependent, I’ve seen where AAKG has worked for others. So I am only judging this based on my experience, not telling you it doesn’t produce pumps in general.

Overall: 7/10

1.M.R. is a good product if you need that extra energy boost in your workouts, I advise people to not use reviews to form their opinion of products. Try first for yourself and then decide because people respond to supplement differently. If it works for you then go for it. Personally, I would not purchase given the 300mg of caffeine, no increase in pumps, and proprietary blend on the label. But you might want 300mg and you might get pumps from this product. Trial and error is part of the game

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  1. Can’t wait to hear back the review from the new 140 grams version of 1MR by BPISports

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