October 18, 2011

12 Steps to Your Best Workout Sessions Ever

For the dedicated lifter having a bad workout day can be devastating. Having consecutive days of bad workouts is just unacceptable. For one it’s the sign of stalled progress and wasted time and energy in the gym. But there are things you can always do to ensure that you will […]
October 25, 2011

Get Bigger and Stronger and Save Time In The Gym Using Supersets

Whatever your goal is, you come to the gym for only one thing and one thing only: results, and the quicker the better. To this end, there are some training techniques that you can always use to achieve results fast. One of them is supersets. Supersetting is an advanced training […]
November 12, 2011

Blast Your Way To Nice Glutes in Four Weeks

Building nice glutes is a top priority for any female that trains. But getting to that goal can sometimes be frustrating slow. For most females, the glute area is where they accumulate fat the most, thus the so-called “the problem area”, making it very difficult for them to build and […]
January 4, 2012

Add Size and Raise Your Workout Intensity Using These Training Techniques

Being unconventional and creative with your workouts is not only a good thing but also a great thing. Not only will it add variety to your routines and confuse your muscles but it will also allow you to shock your muscle into big growth and bust through training plateaus. There […]
January 10, 2012

Trainer, Model, and Founder of ModuVated: Modu Seye Talks to TheRippedAthlete

How Did You Get Started with Fitness? Like any African kid, I grew up playing soccer. Then I started getting into basketball and my dream always was to come to the States and play professionally. But my dream was hard to achieve because I was so skinny. I had to […]
January 13, 2012

How to Build a Full Big Balanced Chest Fast

For most lifters benching heavy is not an issue. However, most don’t have that full big balanced chest that they want, either their chest is underdeveloped or lagging. Benching heavy weights doesn’t usually correlate to a big balanced chest. Building a building big and balanced chest requires more than lifting […]
January 17, 2012

Biceps and Triceps Superset Workout for Sleeve-busting Arms

Intensity is one of the key pillars of muscle growth. And one way to add intensity to your workouts is using supersets, more precisely doing two or more exercises back to back without resting. Supersets are not only great for helping you add mass but also they are great for […]