May 21, 2011

Tune Up Your Cardio Training to Burn Maximum Fat

If your goal is lose fat, the first thing you probably think about is cardio. But people simply hate cardio or get bored with it easily. A good cardio session on treadmill or bike is good for performing cardio but too often can lead to boredom or monotony. To burn […]
May 18, 2012

7 Important Tips to Maximize Fat Loss from Your Cardio

The goal of everyone who does cardio is generally to lose body fat. So it only makes sense then to achieve that goal you have to make every cardio session you do worth your while. Listed below are seven cardio tips to keep in mind that will allow you to […]
June 3, 2012

9 Ways to Burn More Fat Without The Cardio

Some amongst us plain and simple hate cardio and would prefer to avoid it as much as possible. But luckily for us, it doesn’t take cardio equipment to burn body fat. There are several training techniques and principles that you can incorporate into your workouts to turn your lifting session […]